Little Orphan Scotty

Little Orphan Scotty

or: Denouement and Interlude


Greetings campers. This weeks Long Box of Mystery reveals X-men 167. The X-folk have just returned from outer space and, after quickly wrapping up a loose thread from the Brood saga, spend most of this issue catching their breath and catching up while Chris stirs the pot... or plot... for future issues. There's a new generation of X-types in the house, the New Mutants. Scott's re-bonded with his long lost dad and finds out he has grandparents! Lilandra lays down the law to the FF. Professor X learns to walk and demotes Kitty from the main group to the "X-babies" (whatta' jerk!)


Major Christopher Summers aka Corsair of the Starjammers


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This is a truly lovely drawing of Corsair, Smitty. Have you ever drawn the other Summers brother, Havok?
Smitty's picture

As I remember , it was always as a civilian.


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