or: Yea Us - Boo You


How 'bout those... CHIEEEEFS!


The Mighty red and gold Chefs of Kansas City have cooked the goose of the oozy green Flying Cheese Steaks of Philadelphia and, for one more year, all is right with the world.


Happy Trails



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The parade is tomorrow here in Kansas City. They have canceled school for all the Metro so kids can go. Most workplaces I know are going to be pretty lenient about letting people off. The big Kansas City Comic-Con is a month from tomorrow. The draft is 2 months after that. Exciting times here in the city of fountains. Congrats to you, Smitty. I'm glad your team won. Invincible iron Man? Red and gold for sure. Just a penalty away from drawing Green Lantern? One of these days it's going to fall in the middle and I'm going to get an Iron Lantern for my son. Best to you.
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I'd have gone with the Abomination.


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