Who Was That Masked Man

Who Was That Masked Man
or: Spidey, I Hardly Knew 'Ya

Why do I do these things? I know it can't end well. 2500 movies on the TV stream and I have to pick IronMan Jr... er... Spider-Man, Homecoming.

It hits the usual marks: Everything I know about Marvel history is wrong, everything that turned Pete into Spider-Man is gone. As an added bonus, the most iconic moment in Marvel history is reduced to meaningless schlock.

I say thee, "Arrrrrgh."

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Christian Quintos's picture

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought the movie was more about the suit rather than Peter Parker as Spider-man. The best part of the movie in my opinion is Michael Keaton.
Gene 's picture

I agree on most points about this film. It's an entertaining film, but it's also not really Spider-Man. And Marvel's constant desire to shove Iron Downey Jr down our collective throats in every film is maddening.
Smitty's picture

These flicks are like watching a pack of incontinent mongrels marking territory by whizzing over everything they can't kill outright. Iron Downey Jr? I'm not sure if I want to laugh or cry...
Chris Tamulevich's picture

The movie feels like one of those new hostess cupcakes... its looks ok, but its smaller, and tastes like crap compared to the original.


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