I Could Just Scream

I Could Just Scream

The Mighty Chefs of Kansas City are finally getting back on track and Fox decides to cut away to the Cowboys and Cards? ARRRRGH!!! WTF!?! The only reason the Boys aren't 0-3 right now is they got fat feeding off the Jersey Jets and Giants. No one cut off the Dolphins humiliating the Broncos but letting the Chiefs play out was over the top? Didn't they know Taylor Swift was in the house? Don't they know that I'M watching the game? Don't they know...

@#$%! Great Googley Moogley!

I could just scream!

Happy Trails (grumble, grumble)


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I feel ya Smitty. I was watching the Chiefs game as well. I go to the kitchen for a few minutes and come back to two teams i had no interest in seeing.
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