Step Three

Step Three

or: Spotting Blacks


You may have noticed that last week's upload was less than finished. My brush, which had been failing for weeks finally died. New brush in hand, I'm indulging my inner Sheldon Cooper by finishing what I started.


For those who've asked what I mean when I describe a piece as "pen and brush" this is it. Last week you saw the blue pencil and pen portions of the program (in this case a Hunt 102 crow quill) Everything different between last week's image and this weeks is brushwork (Winsor&Newton Series 7 #5)


Whether a piece is all pen, all brush or a combination, the process remains largely the same as the the one Ditko showed us in the "How Stan and Steve produce Spider-Man" feature in the back of Spidey's first annual. Layouts are done loose and open so that the ink version is the original drawing rather than a reproduction. I'll then outline the entire page, spot blacks across the page and render out


Happy Trails


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