Along Came a Spider

Along Came a Spider
or: Thrilling Tales of Yesteryear

So, I get this e-mail the other day. Our ol' pal Gerry Turnbull has mocked up a poster of Golden Age characters using sketches I've done over the years.

When drawing the Golden Age, I tried my best to stick to classic uniforms. The Tarantula was not one of those uniforms. I'm not the first to have thought "this uni needs some help," (as in let me help you into the dust-bin of history.) Someone else beat me to it when DC brought the old characters back in the 70s... All-Star Squadron? The new uniform was a definite improvement in both design and color but, didn't strike me as 40's appropriate.

Keeping the new colors and, with a few tweaks geared towards the time period and south-west US location, we have a new and improved Tarantula.

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I always figured that the Tarantula was the secret son (or grandson) of Bat Lash. Nothing really supports my thesis except for their quick wits and shared fondness for neckerchiefs.


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