Another Saturday Night in Devil's Echo.

Hanging out at Castle Falconer. Doc and Lucas shootin' the breeze.

This one took it's own path. Starting out in Doc's Sanctum, it shifts to Lucas'… I don't know what to call it - study / playroom / lab / den… next thing I know, Chance sneaks in. Kids these days.

Happy Trails,

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<p>Love it. After leave it to chance, your run on Doc strange was the best. Your run on the X-Men as well, but I thought you were a perfect fit for Doctor Strange.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
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<p>It still baffles me that all these years later and Hollywood hasn&#39;t come looking for CHANCE. It needs to happen.</p>
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<p>Hi! This is lovely! I&#39;m a fourth grade school teacher, and I have multiple copies of each of the three Image Chance hardcovers. (I think five copies of each... they&#39;ve stood up pretty well over the years, actually...) My students love the Chance stories, and most years we use them in reading groups or book clubs. I only have one copy of the (uncollected) last issue, and students pass it around. Each kid always gets rather worked up in turn that the story never get finished, especially with the apparent death of Chance&#39;s dad. Maybe form now on I can show them this. Thanks for producing a great comic that my stduents lvoe, year after year. &nbsp;</p>


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