The Lethal Lancer

The Lethal Lancer

or: Stuck in the Middle


It's back to our regular broadcasting schedule and the grab bag which, this week, reveals Tales of Suspense #59. Historically speaking, the big news is the return of Captain America to regular publication but, I've done Cap here before here a few times so I'm going with the front feature where Iron Man meets up with the Black Knight.


Originally, the Black Knight started at Atlas in the 50's as a good guy in the service of king Arthur. Later, his great,great, great... great nephew carries on in his name in the fight against evil with the Avengers. But, in between, Marvel first brings him back as a heel. First against Giant Man, then the Avengers, and finally against Iron Man where he meets his ultimate demise. Unlike the incarnations before and after him, the mystical Ebony Blade is not part of his arsenal. Rather he uses a lance which seems to be related to Batman's utility belt, Hawkeye's quiver or Felix's magic bag. Whatever the Black Knight needs at the moment, the lance seems to provide: Gas, lasso, machine gun... you name it.


He only lasted a couple of years but, he was fun while he lasted.


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