Whip It Good

Whip It Good

or: Regrets, I've Had a Few


This weeks grab bag brings up Astro City #16 starring El Hombre who, by all appearances, is a one-and-done "hero" of dubious distinction.


Happy Trails


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Smitty, are you still on the floor after that OT thriller last night? How can you not be? Congrats on the Big Red win. 55 minutes of Hell, then, 5 minutes of Mahomes MAGIC. Dr. Strange would be proud of the show he put on.
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Some guys drive the bus, some ride the bus, some get dragged behind the bus... and SOME guys say, "to hell with this," put the bus on their shoulders and run down the field with it!!! That said, let's hear it for the 2nd half/OT defense. How bout those... CHIEEEEFS!
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Zorro’s gonna sue someone!
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Story bordered on character assasination


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