Parlovian Response

Parlovian Response
or: Dark Knight Of Mongo

This weeks pick comes courtesy of our Webmaster, Justin Washburn. Some months ago he sent me a number of books trying to hip me to what was happening on the stands these (those) days. The one that bites me in the eye is Starlight by Mark Millar and my new hero, Goran Parlov.

This is what Issac Newton meant when he talks about "the shoulders of giants." Half Alex Raymond, half Jordi Bernet, half Alex Toth (you know, like man-bear-pig) half Milo Manara, half Moebius all comes together as Parlov.

Solid drawing, great storytelling, no cheap gimmicks. Big fat gutters, no bleeds (well, one) no guessing where to go or what you're looking at. A pleasure to look at all around.

Storywise, it's the ol' "sucked across the universe to save the galaxy trick." Having saved the day our hero came home and lived his life when the past comes knocking. Please, Sir, could you save us some more? Are you nuts? That was 40 years and 60 pounds ago? But... he's a widower now, the kids are arguing over who doesn't get stuck with the old man... aw, heck, why not.

Starlight's Duke McQueen.

Happy Trails

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Rene Arreola's picture

Yes, this series is a gem. And, regarding the art, the colors are (mostly) flatted. Gorgeous!


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