Fun With Lawyers

Fun With Lawyers
or: Bigotry's Special Snowflakes

Looks like I'm late to the party (again), you guys probably know more about this than I do but, it seems there's this thing called Comicsgate. The SJWs of hate and intolerance have soiled themselves because their attempt to make comics all male, all straight, all bigoted, all the time, went flooey.

Unable to convince the bigs to fund or publish their rants, the snowflakes set their sights on smaller houses who've rebuffed them as well... D'oh!

Denied their imaginary and non-existant right to force innocent people to publish against their will, they've decided to sue Mark Waid! Stop laughing! I'm not making this stuff up!

Take a visit to for further reading. Warning: it's a rabbit hole. If you believe it truth, justice and the American way. If you believe that great power brings great responsibility, give Mark a hand. Let's not let him fight the good fight for all of us on his own.

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