Rikk To The Rescue

Rikk To The Rescue
or: Of Strings And Sealing Wax

This weeks grab bag reveals Tellos-Reluctant Heroes collecting the first five issues plus other goodies, including a pinup by yours truly. I wasn’t going to include Chance but, they wore me down.

The original subtitle for the intro I wrote was “Of strings and sealing wax...” For some reason the powers that be wouldn’t allow it. The first time it came back “He bought him strings of ceiling wax.” Then it was something about the nobility of princely kings. I forget what the third muck up was but one again it was a mangled “quote” from Puff the Magic Dragon. I kept telling them it’s an allusion not a quote, it doesn’t need to be fixed it needs to be printed as written. Every time I got an apology and assurances and every time it got “fixed.” sigh. At least the last one was an actual quote.

Looking back on it now, I find it interesting I fixated on Rikk; A character that doesn’t even show up until book four. What can I say, he was my favorite.

Still is.

Happy Trails

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I remember that complete frustrating mess, Smitty--Someone at Image (at the time) thought they knew better and never ran their changes past us--just did it~! Mike and I were horrified that they were doing that but, as you say, they continued to not get it right. Apologies even now, Pal--all these years later. Sorry. Love, Love, LOVE this Rikk, though~! TOO COOL~!


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