What A Man’s Gotta Do

What A Man’s Gotta Do
or: Severin’s SHIELD

When I pulled out Strange Tales #138, I almost put it back. I’ve already done a Fury, the sites swimming with Dr Strange. Still, may as well flip through it while it’s out... then it hits me; I’ve yet to wax poetic on the magic of John Severin.

Severin is comic’s version of Johnny Cash. Jack Webb and “Just the facts Ma’am,” Walter Cronkite and “That’s the way it is,” Severin just draws the truth. Others had more flash or power or style but Severin’s work was real in a way few others could match.

I’m particulary gobsmacked by the panel where he’s pushed Tony Stark into a side room whilst slapping leather against the incoming hordes of Hydra. As one who prides himself on a certain facilty with the figure in motion I can attest that this is no stock shot, no easy pose. It takes powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men to pull that off as flawlessy as he does. I look at that shot and I believe.

While it’s yet to be determined just what it is that a man has to do when a man has to do what a man has to do, I feel safe in saying that he should do his best to look like he’s drawn by John Severin while he does it.

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