If He Had a Hammer

If He Had a Hammer

Pete Seeger 1919-2014

Well, foo. I suppose we can take some solace that he had a long and productive life. According to family, he was out chopping firewood just last week (Go, Pete!) I know it's the natural order but that doesn't really help. Some passings leave you feeling robbed.

For the younger readers unfamiliar with the name, let me just say Pete was a true American Hero. In our darkest age, he stood before the un-american House Members stupid ass committee and told them to shove it. He'd tell them every song he'd ever sung but would never name the writers or the people who listened because no decent American would dare to ask such questions.

He paid the price, too. Blacklisted, sentenced to jail (though he sentence was overturned before he was incarcerated) hounded by authorities,  he never backed down.

If you've ever enjoyed a sing-a-long at a campfire, listened to Bob Dylan, protested a wrong, you owe Pete a tip of the hat.

RIP Pete. Maybe now you can learn where all the flowers have gone.

Happy Trails

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<p>Here in the Northeast US I not only remember Pete Seeger for his music but for his efforts at cleaning up the water and rivers. The ways in which the world is a better place due to the presence of Pete Seeger are real, tanglible and in fact innumerable. RIP Pete Seeger.</p>


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