Split Second Timing

Split Second Timing
or: the Gotham Glitch

Theoretically, the shop area is set up to mark items as sold once they've been purchased. Generally it does a good job but, every once in a while, two people will come in within seconds of each other and... D'oH!

Offering the second buyer the old anything-you-want trick, I got a request for everyone's favorite DA Harvey Dent.

Happy Trails

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Smitty, you knocked it out of the park! Thank you for fulfilling my request. Have you ever drawn Two-Face before? I can't recall you ever drawing Mr. Dent before now. Also, is Two-Face ambidextrous or bidextrous? The mind boggles.....
Smitty's picture

I'm going to pretend that bidextrous is a real word and go with that as it seems more suggestive of two different things


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