Copy Clash

Copy Clash
or: the Great Pretenders

This weeks grab is a Marvel Digest Series X-Men Pocket Book #24 from our friends across the pond. Which issues are being reprinted it doesn't say but the front story concerns the Mimic, the man who be the X-Men, vs the Super Adaptoid, the construct that would be the Avengers, while the back story has our merry mutants confronted by Merlin the Magician in his present day form of the Warlock.

In my book, Wondrous Werner Roth has never gotten the credit he deserves. His work is clean, attractive, solid, fun and, as is made abundantly clear when compared to the Jack Sparling drawn Warlock story, readable. At no point am I left wondering what's going on as compared to the Warlock story where only the voluminous exposition of writer Roy Thomas allows me to think there must be a story in there somewhere.

This one's for Werner.

Happy Trails

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I agree with you about Werner Roth being underappreciated. He drew a lot of iconic X-Men issues.


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