Well, I Can Die Happy

Well, I Can Die Happy
or: The Whole Is Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts.

Growing up to be a cartoonist was great. Getting paid and royalty checks (for those that remember them) was even better but, this....

I’ve lost count of the times I swore that the piece on my desk would be the one to make me famous, the one people will remember, the one that will change comics history, only to be wrong every time. This piece has a life all it’s own. I won’t say I knocked it out; I gave it all the attention and ability I had but, it was just another splash. Or so I thought.

Of everything I’ve done, this seems to be the one everyone remembers. I’ve seen posters, recreations, T-shirts (remember my New Years Eve pic with my buddy Mike Baron) but... this... takes the cake. My first question is: Was this fan even alive when the book came out? We’re talkin’ 34 years!

I wish I could give proper accreditation to the fan and the photographers but, all I have are these two images sent to me by Gerry Turnbull and Mike Baron. I’d say someone owes me a new keyboard but, as the image starts with me, I guess I’m to blame.

Is this the greatest job in the world or what?

Thank you Fandom. I’d be diggin’ ditches without you.

Happy Trails,

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