Mr. Fix-It

Mr. Fix-It

or: the Rack Bone’s Connected to the Pinion Bone


I’ve been a productive boy lately. I’ve replaced the faucet on the kitchen sink, swapped out the heating coil on the clothes dryer, rebuilt the toilet and fixed my table saw. I am invincible!


Happy Trails


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…Sock ‘em!!!!
Smitty's picture

sock it to ME?
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Man what a feeling it is to fix stuff. The sense of accomplishment when we can fix something without calling the professional in. It's a love hate relationship for me though as it usually takes longer than it should to complete
Smitty's picture

The savings in labor and mark-up costs is OK but, as you say, it's the feeling that today you are a REAL boy.
Evan 's picture

The usual question for me is - how many trips to the hardware store is this going to take? If I can complete a project in under three, I usually consider it a win.


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