Shazap or: Body Swap 
 This weeks dive into the Long-Box of Mystery reveals Captain Marvel #31. Not the original Big Red Cheese you understand but Marvel's new fangled version V2.5. 
 Marvel's Marvell had a rocky start floundering this way and that until Jim Starlin sets him on the course cosmic we know today. Not sure why I used the swap pose with the banging bracelets... Rick Jones and Captain Marvel are divorced at this point. Call it a mental hiccup. 
 Happy Trails Smitty

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I have a real personal affinity for this one Smitty, as an issue of Starlin's Captain Marvel was (literally) the first comic book i ever picked up and read (courtesy of my neighborhood library). Somehow, i'd managed to hold onto that issue over the years, coverless, yellowed and torn though it is....
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Love the costume accuracy in this picture. All the silver age elements are there.


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