The Once and Future Doom

The Once and Future Doom or: When Camelot Came and Went Rather than the longboxes, this week we've pulled from one of many piles-O-mystery to revel the Epic Collection of Iron Man vol 15. At first I wondered why Marvel shipped me a copy only to find I drew the first two books in the collection including one with the happy hordes of Hydra who are always fun to draw. But, I'm going with the collections cover image with Doctor Doom Seems Doom and Shellhead have been sucked into the future. London is under threat, Arthur has been reborn (but, he's still a kid) Merlin has awakened from his (apparently not so) eternal slumber. To save the future Iron Man and Dr Doom must defeat the most dangerous foes they've ever faced... their future selves. Da da da dummmm! (gasp) The lovely and talented Victor Von Doom Happy Trails Smitty

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