National Interest

National Interest

or: School Daze


He lasted longer than I thought he would but Dr Fauci has finally been thrown under the bus by the Virus-in-Chief. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about and saving lives is not in the national interest.


But, wait, there’s more. With all the early re-openings ending with such predictably, disastrous, results the V-i-C wants to create a nation wide petrie dish with a forced re-opening of schools across the country. Because kids never get sick and even if they did it’s not as though there are teachers, bus drivers crossing guards, parents or other adults around and it’s all a liberal plot that’ll be gone by last April anyway…


Whatever the V-i-C tells you to do, DON’T DO IT! Thanks for trying, Dr Fauci.


Wash those hands and put on your @#%! masks!


Happy Trails


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