Asgard Assembled

Asgard Assembled
or: Ragnarok n' Roll

Not so much of a grab bag this week as a look what I found lyin' around. Thor #156.
It seems Mangog is a one beast race, the rage of a billion beings all in one monstrous form with it's little heart set on destroying the universe because Asgard wiped out the ... Mangi(?)... the last time they tried to wipe us out.

We got about the whole cast here: Odin, Loki, the Norn Queen, Sif, Baldur, Hogun, Fandrall, Volstagg, Heimdall, the Recorder... It was Vince Colletta's inks in Tales of Asgard that first turned me on to Kirby so I'm gonna go with the Warriors 3.

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