Back to the Future

Back to the Future

or: the Well Dressed Man


t's back to the grab bag which reveals the Manus, Robot Fighter's first Yearbook by Mike Baron and your's truly.


So, what's more unbelieveable: Hearing "Robot Fighter" and thinking high-necked-sleeveless-red-mini-dress-with go-go-boots or, having thought such a thing, actually pulling it off. For the late, great Russ Manning.


Happy Trails


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Gene.mardaga's picture

I was always a fan of Magnus. But I was curious as to why everyone in the future dressed like a go-go dancer from the swingin' '60s.
Smitty's picture

Probably just trying to appeal to, then, modern sensibilities. Kitty's jacket for "Professor Xavier is a jerk" came from one of the girls next door. If you want to know how kids are dressing just look out the window.


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