The Big Ouch

The Big Ouch
or: I've Fallen and Can't Get Up

Nuthin' new this week, Uncle Smitty's broken. I've pulled something in my back and find myself reduced to a pitiful shell of my former self. I'd like to regale you with manly tales of injury due to combat, pullin' a stump or droppin' a tranny but, near as I can figure, I got into a fight with my comforter while sleeping... and I lost... to a bag of feathers...

So, I've compiled a number of doodles of lovely ladies, little kids and gap toothed geezers laughing and dancing at my pathetic misfortune. Feel free to join in.

Happy Trails,

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Feel better, man- as no stranger to pain, I've often wished for a certain Canadian's healing factor for an hour or so... Well, we don't have Sentinels trying to kill us, so I suppose it's a fair trade. Maybe.


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