Building a Better Bat

Building a Better Bat
or: Signal Me This

You've caught Uncle Smitty mid task this week, kiddies. A commission request... pretty simple: the Batman. That was it. A few thumbnails later, the client likes the Joker Signal thumb but, not the Joker signal itself. Can we swap it for the Bat Signal?

Next I work it out about half size. What looks good at 1 1/2 inches often falls apart at 15 inches but, blocking out at half size is easier than doing so full size. Normally I go farther than this but, I'm playing with a new production method.

I used to take the 1/2 size rough, scan, enlarge, print and light board. This wasn't much different than drawing at the board because, well, I was drawing at the board. I recently picked up a new-fangled digital Art-O-Graph (think mini home theater projector) I foolishly let my old-fangled one go some years ago. At present I'm using it with a tri-pod and wall projection and that is NOT like drawing at the board. I'm used to doing perspective standing up but I do it on a horizontal surface with full use of T-squares, triangles and rulers. I may have to spring for the optional desk stand. I built an adapter to swap out the projector for the bell housing of a swing arm lamp but, every time you bumped anything, the swing arm would... swing (EEK!)

Have half a bat.

Happy Trails,

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