Commies Commies Everywhere

Commies Commies Everywhere
or: Little Nikita

OK girls and boys, lets reach into the long box-O-mystery and see what we get... Tales of Suspense #48 and the menace of the Crimson Dynamo!

At the beginning of the Marvel age, if you needed a hero, zap him with radiation. If you needed a villain, make him a Commie.

Everyone's favorite Soviet Premier, Nikita Khrushchev, sends his own armored soldier, the Crimson Dynamo, to battle the capitalist dog Iron Man, and sabotage Stark Industries in the process, thus achieving arms superiority over the decadent west. Things were so much simpler then; Clear cut and straight to the point.

The red ruskie, Crimson Dynamo!

Happy Trails

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CD looks great here. You always bring out the best in these silver age designs. A lot of artist's just can't pull that off.


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