Doin’ The Muerte Mambo

Doin’ The Muerte Mambo
or: Death Ain’t What It Used To Be

I can’t speak for the right ponders but, I suspect this weeks grab bag is largely unknown to those of us on the left side of the Atlantic.

Allow me to introduce German Garcia’s “Tess Tineiblas” or, Tess Darkness. From 1997, A number of these were part of my haul of goodies from my all time favorite comic show in Gijon, Spain.

My Spanish doesn’t go much further than the menu at the Cantina. As near as I can tell, our heroes are dead... and their adversaries want them... more dead... but there’s going to be a trial first so, maybe the clay faced uglies chasing them aren’t all bad...?

What I do know is Geman’s art is amazing. Solid draftsmanship, great characters, excellant comic timing. The web tells me he went on from his humble cartoon beginnings to going more straight adventure stuff for some stateside book called the X-Men and then dissappeared. Why does this sound vaguely familiar...?

From the magical land of Austurias, Tess Darkness

Happy Trails

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