Fun With Fascists

Fun With Fascists

or: Nattering Nazi Nutjobs


What if you held a 1 million incel Nazi march and nine hundred ninety nine thousand nine hundred incel Nazis didn’t show up?


This was all supposed to be done with by now. I was looking forward to going back to the serious business of being silly only to find the silly business of being serious wasn’t over.


The Virus-in-Chief continues his war on America, it’s people and democracy itself. Yet again he plays golf while people die and he wants to blame those that oppose fascism as a distraction from his attempts to crown himself Fuhrer for life. 


Wash your hands and put on your #@$%! masks!


Happy Trails,


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This is dumb.
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Once upon a time the entire world went to war to defeat the forces of Trumpism. Even the Axis came on board at the end, admitting Trumpism has no place in a civilized society. That this fight needs to be re-fought, anywhere, let alone here, is insane.


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