I Got 'Yer Power Right Here

I Got 'Yer Power Right Here
or: Backpfeifengesicht

Back to the Long-Box of Mystery™ which this week reveals X-men #19 and introduces us to Cal Rankin, the Mimic. You'd think a guy that had to borrow his powers would be a little more modest but, nooooo, this guy was "backpfeifengesicht" (German for: a face badly in need of a fist)

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Nick Lenz's picture

Another trip down memory lane and a great picture of Mr Rankin, whom I did not like as a kid because I was afraid he was going to replace Scott as leader. I miss when such concerns were my biggest worries.
Shane's picture

I never understood how this guy wasn't a bigger deal! He should be able to go toe to toe with anyone! Such a super rendition of the character!


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