I Was Trollin' Through the Park One Day

I Was Trollin' Through the Park One Day

or: Dude, Where's My Girlfriend


This weeks revelation from the Long-Box of Mystery is Thor 137. Thor's love life is in free fall. He's just lost Jane Foster when Sif shows up just in time to steal Thor's heart and get kidnapped by Trolls!


Thor goes to the rescue only to find the trolls have a hero of their own, the lovely and lice ridden, Ulik. Hijinks ensue.


Happy Trails


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Wow! When this character first appeared the small child I was became truly concerned for Thor's safety. Kirby drew him looking so powerful and imposing. As the years passed other artists and writers brought Ulik low, but this picture conveys all the awesomeness of that first appearance.
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Justin's picture

I love how you channel Vinnie when you ink Thor pieces.
Smitty's picture

Kirby's just another artist whose books I don't follow. For years I felt I was his only fan. His standing seems to have risen over the last few years. More and more people are finally realizing, just discovering, or have lost their fear of admitting to, his brilliance. The rest are ignorant pond scum unworthy of our attention ;)
Jeff Bell's picture

Sir, this one is so blasted INCREDIBLE that words fail me -- the sense of menace is palpable!!!!!
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I kiddeth thee not
gene's picture

Damn Smitty, this is one of your best renderings yet. The detail work on the face and fur are fantastic. This makes me want to root for Ulik!!!


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