It's Auctionin' Time

It's Auctionin' Time
or. Bid, Bid, Bid! Buy, Buy, Buy!

Coming soon to an auction house nowhere near most of you but, that's why I invented the Innerwebz.

Wolverine and the Silver Samurai together again atop the Phone Bldg in Tokyo. This is for the Hero Initiative auction in Baltimore on Sept 9. Non Baltimorians (Baltimites? Baltimians?) can bid by web at the following link

Remember, it's for a good cause. I get NUTHIN'. Not even the proverbial lousy T-shirt. All I get is stained, cramped, fingers and the warm squooshy feeling that comes from helping those in need. You can get that feeling too. There's something here for everyone so, bid early, bid often and Buy, Buy, Buy, Buy, Buy.

Happy Trails

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