Kick the Cat

Kick the Cat

or: Yee Haw @ GEHA


The Bengals bungled, Burrow’s been buried and, once again, all is right with the world.


How 'bout those.... CHIEEEEEFS!


Happy Trails


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landwashburn's picture

That was a close one, Smitty!
Gene.mardaga's picture

Great game. Nail-biter of an ending!
Smitty's picture

Seriously though, let's just hope this wasn't a Pyrrhic victory.
JRN's picture

Smitty, If you were anything like my friends, you were watching the final kick from the floor. Just like the Bills game a year ago, it was a crazy nailbiter. The CITY is buzzing. And the DRAFT will be here in April. A parade and the draft ending at the same spot in the same year? You should come out!
Smitty's picture

It was the two punts before it that scared me. In years past KC wouldn't have made their last punt, they'd have gone for, and probably made, the FG. The final Bengals' punt to Mr Fumplefingers had me holding my breath. Once we had the ball at the 50 with 30 seconds to go, I was feeling pretty good


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