Local Villain

Local Villain
or: Hi-Flyin' Hi-jinks

The Green Goblin wasn't the most powerful villain. He never tried to blow up the world or take over the country. I think the biggest plan he ever had was to take over the New York City underworld. He was just a friendly neighborhood villain for a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

While he may have been small potatoes in the larger scheme, for my money, he's the coolest villain Ditko or Marvel ever came up with.

Count me as one who felt exposing his identity as Norman Osborne was a mistake. Personally, I think he'd been better served if it had never been stated he was in "costume" at all. Imagine a world where, like the Lizard or the Hulk, he was simply exactly what he looked like... a goblin.

Oh, well, he was fun while he lasted.

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Gene.mardaga's picture

Incredible that Stan snuffed him 50 years ago, and he’s still one of the most prominent villains in comicdom. Beautiful drawing, Smitty
Jeff's picture

I definitely agree that Green Goblin is one of the greats, but I think it's interesting that we have such opposite opinions on how Lee and Ditko handled the character. I've grown up with Raimie movies and the cartoon adaptations from 94 onward, so I can't really imagine Goblin not being Stormin Norman. Great drawing as usual. I've seen you've drawn Gobby a couple times and you nail him everytime. Love that Ditko vibe!


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