Looking Ahead

Looking Ahead

or: Bye Week Sucks


Nothing to watch this week with the Chiefs on Vacation but at least the rest of the AFC West stayed at the bottom where they so rightly belong.


Happy Trails


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Justin Washburn's picture

Hard not to see the resemblance between Peter and a certain rookie QB in New England! :)
Smitty's picture

See you in the post season :)
Greg Kirkpatrick's picture

I guess it was a good week to have our guys on a bye; lot of folks with family and a lot going on. Looking forward to beating the Denver Donkeys in primetime!
Smitty's picture

After that shaky start I thought a wild card was the best we could do. Then the AFC West decided to hit the brakes and let us pass. If we just stop coughing up the ball the future is in our hands.


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