Lovely Leeja

Lovely Leeja

or: Testing, Testing, 1-2-3

So I take a pratfall in the rain. Mush my drawing hand pretty good. Nothing seems broken, just sore. Next morning, it's been replaced by a bloated, discolored, alien life form :(

My strength is that of ten, my heart is true. That and two weeks later, I can almost make a fist. My knuckles are still in hiding but my tendons are back. Shakes are gone. Let's take this puppy out for a ride.

This whole blog thing was inspired by Ringo's "Sketch of the Every Other Day or Three™". Towards that end, I've reached into a random comics box and pulled out… X-Men #166… OK , we can do better than that. So I reach into another box and… Magnus Robot Fighter!

Russ Manning was a huge influence and, pardon me for being a sexist pig, girls like Leeja were a big reason why.

Why a bass guitar? Because a tuba would be silly.

Happy Trails

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