Of Megatons and Men

Of Megatons and Men
or: The Big WOO

This week's pick is Megaton Man #2, Don Simpson's satirical send up of all things super-hero in general and Marvel in particular.


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Paul Greer's picture

Megaton Man was created by Don Simpson, not Howard Simpson.
Smitty's picture

It's right there in his signature! I hang my head in embarrassment and shame... Forget spell check, I need brain check.
Don Simpson's picture

Very nice rendition ... I can see I'm no longer essential to my own creation! Can't tell you how flattered I am by this. Thanks, Paul. -- How -- I mean Don -- Simpson. :)
Smitty's picture

<p>Don,</p> <p>My abject apologies, I fell down the stairs and broke my brain.</p> <p>What I won&#39;t apologize for is loving your work on Megaton Man. I&#39;m a little heartbroken I didn&#39;t pick an issue with Sterankovitch, who was beyond brilliant but, the first (and only) rule of the grab bag is &quot;what you grab is what you draw.&quot;</p> <p>WOO!</p> <p>Smitty</p>


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