Moth Madness

Moth Madness

or: Fun With Vacuums


I’m getting inundated by moths! They always show upon the spring but, every few years we get an outright invasion and they’ve found a hole into the house… EEK! I’m talkin’ hundreds over the last couple days. No foolin’. 


I’m treating it like a Nintendo game: show a little patience, find the weakness and pound on it. They seem to have a fondness for the hallway light which, as fortune would have it, is recessed with it’s glass flush against the ceiling. They can’t leave it alone. Hold the extension house of the vacuum up to the light and…floooop! Even the ones that fly off come flying right back…floooop!


Steve Rude’s, the Moth!


Wash those hands


Happy Trails


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This is GREAT, Smitty! Does he do prophecies?
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I know the Moth exists but, I've never actually seen the book


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