Once More Unto the Breach

Once More Unto the Breach
or: That Old Gang-O-Mine

Good morning campers. Uncle Smitty is back from the dead. The flu was the three day variety, as fast as it was brutal. Still, I got to sneak in some Zelda while shivering under the blankies. brrr.

The Uncanny X-Men is hitting a milestone. I don't know if they're renumbering but what is essentially the 600th issue is coming up and your's truly was asked if he'd like to play by contributing a variant cover.

My response was either the usual gang of idiots or the Morlocks (the only villains indigenous to my run) Editor Mike Martz chose the latter. His only directive was, given todays socio-political climate, we refrain from plastering "hell" on the cover. Good call, Mike. What was I thinking? Still, I want to say it without saying it and so I go with the allusion to Dante's Inferno.

There comes a time in every piece I do where I'm convinced I've killed it. It's just part of the process. You'd think I'd be used to it by now. This was far worse than most but, so far, everyone tells me I'm nuts so, what do I know.

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John Klein III's picture

I was hoping your variant was going to feature Kitty and Lockheed but Morlocks are pretty legendary, so that's a great call! Recreating Wolverine v Silver Samurai could have been cool.
Smitty's picture

<p>Thanx, John,</p> <p>Lockheed and his little girl Kitty are always fun. I still get comments on the Wolverine/Samurai duel to this day. I wanted something more group oriented and, given the brevity of my run, the Morlocks are the closest thing I have to a legitimate addition to the X-Men canon.</p> <p>Always nice to be remembered.</p> <p>Smitty</p>
Sean McInerney's picture

Mr. Smith, Your run on the X-Men is something that has meant so much to me. I first saw 170 from a friend and was hooked. When I bought 171 off the spinner rack I was bummed it wasn't by the same artist as 170 (fill in by Walt Simonson so that's saying something) but 172 & 173 are my two favorite issues of all time. 166 and 167 are a close second. I have a copy of 166 you signed for me at HeroesCon in Charlotte back in 95 framed in my comic book room. Your work will always be remembered and you are THE Wolverine artist for me. Thank you so much for your work and for the years of enjoyment you have given me. Sean


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