Over the Rails

Over the Rails
or: One More Time

How bout those... CHIEEEEEEFS!?!

Credit the Niners with making it exciting. They mauled the Chiefs offensive line in the first half while the Chiefs seemed to revert to an early season case of can't-hold-on-to-the-ball-itis but, when you play against ol' Sundance Mahomes (can I move? I shoot better when I move) you have to play all four quarters and sometimes more.

Once more good has triumphed over E-vil and all is right with the world.

Happy Trails

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As a lifelong football fan, I can ask, how many dynasties have there been? The Browns in the early '50s, The Colts in the late '50s. The Packers in the '60s. The Dolphins in the early '70s. The Steelers in the late '70s. The 49ers and the '80s. The Cowboys in the early '90s. The Broncos in the late '90s? The Patriots in the 2000s. The Patriots in the 2010s. And now the Chiefs. The reality is most fandom does not get one day in the sun. Not one day that they get to root and win and enjoy. You've had three of the last four. Something not seen ever in this part of football lore. Congrats to you, Smitty. Enjoy.
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I'm enjoying every minute of this. I can only imagine the frustration running through the rest of the league. The last 7 years has seen a wave of unprecedented talent come in at the QB position: Burrow, Allen, Jackson, Hebert, Watson, Fields, Purdy... and all have to come up in the run of Patrick Mahomes.


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