Pokin' Thru the Files

Pokin' Thru the Files

or: Why Are My Files Full of Holes?

Cover thumbs for X-Men Universe #3

Not sure what I was thinking on this one as neither one is an appropriate composition for the title in question. I learned that lesson the hard way with the Cyclops cover that preceded this one.

The editor had asked for a head shot of Cyclops blasting away and I turned in a shot with, well, blasted stuff, flying all over. The editor was extraordinarily apologetic but, she needs it sans stuff; just the head, which resulted in the cover that saw print.

Here, I've either occupied space I know is unavailable or gone to a body shot. Was I trying to convince the editor to go another way? I really don't remember.

Whatever the purpose, they represent an uncommon example of my color work. Uncommon in that any example is uncommon; It's not something I often do. Laura Martin has nothing to fear from me but, I think they're kind of fun in their own way.

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