Ringmaster of Crime

Ringmaster of Crime
or: Ya Call This a Comic Book

Not so much a late start as a late finish. I put this in to scan last night, laid on the couch for a second and BANG it's the crack of 2 in the afternoon.

Hulk #3 is my earliest recollection of a Marvel comic. I'm still an animation junkie having yet to "discover" Ditko's Spider-Man so I'm still not really paying attention to comics but even then this was something different. Far from the clean, crisp, explain-athons of DC, this was a crude, chaotic, mess. The books almost done before the villain shows up and... this green guy's the hero? Is this a monster book, cops-n-robbers? The army is bad? I'm so confused. I'm going back to the Road Runner where things make sense.

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