Rising From the Grave

Rising From the Grave

or: If Looks Could Kill

When last we met I had just murdered a poor innocent commission. 

Historically speaking, my least favorite piece of all time is whatever I’m working on at the moment. That’s the one that proves that I am, have always been and will always be, an unskilled hack. There comes a point in nearly every drawing where I’m convinced it’s dead but I keep going knowing that i always go through this and, sooper jeanyus that I am, I’ll pull it back from the grave yet again as I, almost, always do.

Then there are those pieces where I know it’s not just past saving, it’s Munchkin time. Its not only merely dead. It’s really most sincerely dead.

But, that’s why we buy paper in quantity.


Happy Trails


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Josh Laabs's picture

This is gorgeous!! Love those blast lines
Gene.mardaga's picture

Great image Smitty. The scale gives it a good, epic feel.


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