Sorry 'Bout That

I kinda' short sheeted the class last time (I really was pooped) so, here's a mid week apology post.

I can't remember the actual client anymore but these came to me through Steven Grant. They were covers for comics that would be springboards to movies.

If I were any good at portraiture, I'd tell you that's Beyonce and Dwayne Johnson on the boat but, my portraiture sucks so, shhhh. I've always thought the Venice piece would make a great Spirit shot.

Happy Trails

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<p>Wasn&#39;t Vienna a character Steven used in Marvel stories -- Power Man and Master of Kung Fu fill-ins?</p> <p>This may have been connected to that. Or maybe it&#39;s just a re-use of the name.</p> <p>kdb</p>


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