Straight Arrow

Straight Arrow
Or: Rise of the Bench Players

With the twins, Wanda and Pietro, the last couple weeks along with Jason Caldwell’s comments on Cap’s Kooky Quartet, Hawkeye seems like a natural progression.

Happy Trails

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Ha! Great piece- and thanks for the shout-out. Y'know, once you have Cap done, I'd happily take these off your hands....I could say I have "the entire Avengers team" and not (exactly) be a liar! I always liked that outfit for Hawkeye- it's a little strange and a lotta cool. Buckaneer boots? I guess Cap (actually Kirby) set the tone and everyone followed...
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I'm a big fan of all your work. So glad I found this blog. Nobody captures the heart and soul of the original Marvel comics like you.


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