USAGI! Sakai Benefit Auction


For those that don't know, Sharon Sakai, wife of Usagi Yojimbo creator Stan Sakai, has required medical attention and the bills are starting to mount. Towards that end, CAPS (Comic Art Professional Society) has put together a benefit auction to aid in covering the costs.


Starting today, 3/6/14 at 5:00 pm PST the Sakai Auction will go live. This is your chance to do for one of our own… and pick up something nice along the way. Win-win, right? 


I'm shutting down commissions and sales for the duration of the auction. If you have money burning a hole in your pocket, please, send it the Sakai's way.


Contributors include: Roy G Krenkel, Adam Hughes; Alex Maleev; Arthur Adams; Batton Lash; Chris Sanders; Eric Powell; Howard Chaykin; Jan Duursema; Jerry Ordway; Jordi Bernet; Matt Groening; Michael Allred; Michael Golden; Mike Kunkel; Mike Mignola; Neal Adams; Paul Gulacy; SanJulian; Scott Shaw!; Jim Steranko; Tim Sale; William Stout; Bill Sienkiewicz; Cameron Stewart; Chris Samnee; Dan Brereton; Daniel Parsons; Dave Gibbons; Dean Yeagle; Doug Sneyd; Dustin Nguyen; Bill Morrison; Tone Rodriguez; Sergio Aragonés; Fabio Moon; Francisco Francavilla; Gene Ha; Geof Darrow; Gilbert Hernandez; Jack Davis; James O'Barr; Jeff Lemire; Jeff Smith; Kazu Kibuishi; Liam Sharp; Michael Jantze; Olivia; Oscar Martin; Paul Chadwick; Richard Corben; Tom Mandrake; Walter Simonson; and many more.


Included in the auction are a number of pieces from myself:


Usagi vs Wolverine is 11x17 brush and ink on Strathmore 500


The rest are all 6x12 pen and brush on Strath 500.




Sharon, Stan, all the best.

Happy Trails






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