Well, That Ain't Right

Well, That Ain't Right
or: ???

The Donkeys of Denver have curb stomped my beloved Chefs and yet, somehow, the world still turns on it's axis without falling into the Sun. I'm so confused.

Happy Trails

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My buddy and I made a whole day of it. My Colts vs the hated Saints in the morning and the Chiefs vs the Donkey Teeth in the afternoon. Both of us were dumbfounded by our teams. Ugh. His pain was greater? While I had no illusions about Gardner Minshew leading us to the victory, we both thought Mahomes had a shot until the muffed punt. Your team is in Germany next week. Mine the week after that. One day soon we'll have a game in Latveria under the watchful eye of Dr. Doom!
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…but it’s still likely just a hiccup in the KC Mahomeys’ continued dominance of the AFC West.
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KC will take the West. The AFC Championship remaining the Arrowhead Invitational could come down to tie-breakers like head-to-head. We need to barbecue the Phins in Germany. Anyone up for Dolphin-Brats?


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