What's Up Doc?

What's Up Doc?
or: the Kneebone's Connected to the Thighbone

I recently accepted a commission to recreate the cover for Doctor Strange 56 which is what was giving me fits last week.

To reproduce or mimic the original reduces the exercise to tracing and few things will suck the life out of a drawing faster than tracing. However, there are certain fundamental mistakes in the original to which I simply cannot adhere. Every correction here requires two corrections there which means four corrections... suddenly, what I have is nothing like the original.

But, my heart is pure, my strength that of ten Grinches plus two. I use the original image for blocking purposes, circles, squares and triangles (oh, my) and treat it like a new drawing. Doc seems to be looking at what he was simply looking for in the original but, hey, he's been looking for 30 years now and blindness is DDs gig.

Happy Trails

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