Color Me Shocked

Color Me Shocked

or: Two Games Are Better Than One


This weeks drawing comes courtesy of week 17 in the NFL. It was no surprise my beloved Chiefs made the playoffs, we'd known that for weeks. Chiefs beating the Chargers... that was expected. The shock was the lowly Dolphins taking the Patriots to the wire and beating them!


Even better was the play by play call of Kevin Harlan. The Chiefs were setting up a PAT to go up by 10 with 2:39 left to play when Harlan starts calling the Dolphins/Patriots game. The Dolphins were on the Patriots 4 yardline, down by 4 with 24 seconds to play! 


For those unfamiliar with the game, the last few seconds of a football game can take several minutes to play. Harlan starts bouncing back and forth from game to game all while explaining the post season implications. At one point his studio mate asks which game he's calling and Harlan bellows out, "I'M CALLING BOTH GAMES! I'M BREAKING EVERY FCC RULE IN THE BOOK!" (What rule that would be, I don't know) By the time it's done, The Chiefs steal the #2 seed from the Pats, the week off that comes with and, should the Pats and Chiefs meet again in the post season, Chiefs get home field advantage to boot.


Woo Hoo!


Go, Chiefs; Pats suck!

Happy Trails


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The Whimpering Webmaster 's picture

You're a monster! The Patriots will rise again!
Smitty's picture

knit, knit... knit
gene's picture

I caught the second half of that Miami Miracle. The Patriots looked sad and dejected. ...followed up by a glorious Ravens victory (playing their backups, no less) over the hated Steelers.
Smitty's picture

They will barbecue the Ravens and feast on their bones!
Gene's picture

Thou shall find those Chiefs’ bones resting soon in the Rue Morgue, verily!
Smitty's picture

I doth say: Woe unto the birds of Poe.
Smitty's picture

But we can cook up the egg that they laid. Bwa,ha ha!


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