Tiger Tiger Burning Bright

Tiger Tiger Burning Bright

or: All Fall Down Go Boom


This weeks Grab brings up Marvel Chillers #3 starring Tigra as drawn by my old Filmation buddy, Will Meugniot (as in, MIN-yo) one of the great cheesecake artists of our time. And, yes, I know I'm going to male chauvinist hell for saying so but, I've had a spot reserved for years so... what the heck.


On another sadder, if not tragic, note, the Chiefs drop kicked the baby in Indianapolis earlier today and I must make good on my no-bet with Indy fan JRN.


In keeping with todays tiger theme I shall play the part of Calvin begging to get back into the secret clubhouse while JRN, in the role of Hobbes, bars the way...


"Tigers are mean! Tigers are fierce! Tigers have teeth and claws that pierce!"

"Tigers are great! They can't be beat! If I was a tiger, that would be neat!"

"Tigers are nimble and light on their toes. My respect for tigers continually grows."

 "Tigers are great! They're the toast of the town. Life's always better when a tiger's around!"


Stupid Colts. No, YOU'RE acting like a spoiled brat!


Happy Trails


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Jeff Bell's picture

Yowza, Paul--you channeled one of my very favorite characters beautifully, taking inspiration from one of her best illustrators in Will Meugniot (I treasure Marvel Chillers #3 and #5, which he illustrated)!!
JRN's picture

Smitty, G.R.O.S.S. Hard to find anything good to be said about either team in that game. Matt Ryan fumbled the ball like Dave Krieg with Crisco on his hands. The KC not-so-special teams made for a gnashing of teeth and rending of garments. In the end? A boneheaded penalty was bad, but the lack of trust in the KC kicker was the kicker. Get Rid of Slimy Special teams? Still, cheers to you and the Arrowhead faithful. I see a great shot at running the divisional table. If you're referring to the gentleman's bet of an Iron Lantern sketch for my son, I'm all for it. You have my email address to arrange the particulars. Let me know where to send the money (and I'll still send you some BBQ sauce!). JRN
Smitty's picture

... we had a NO-bet. As in bragging rights. The Colts, try as they might, failed to out-flop the Chiefs. You win, sucks to be me. Let the nannernannering commence
JRN's picture

Not much to Nanner about! The Chiefs lost more than than the Colts won. Still, the Smilin Stan No-Bet is a sweet win. Nannernanner indeed. Best to you against Tom Strong and the Tampa Bay Terrifics this week!


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