Victory in Defeat

Victory in Defeat
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Just a friendly reminder that the failure of the 1923 Beer Hall putsch is where the Nazi party got started. When the Beer Belly Putsch of 2020 failed it in no way ended the threat of Donald Trump.

When Hitler went on trial at least he had the courage and decency to plead guilty, something that Trump will never do. When Hitler's a better man than your president, former or current, you know your country's in trouble.

Even if Trump winds up busting rocks in Leavenworth for the next 50 years where he belongs, the threat of fascism is still there. This is no time to relax, the threat is nowhere near over. The Tea Nazis, Proud Nazis, Oath Nazis, MAGA Nazis, Q Nazis are just waiting for the moment we stop paying attention.

Eyes forward.

Happy Trails

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Paul, thank you for this!!! Please keep speaking your mind.


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